We Sue Car Dealers

At Louis Liberty & Associates, a PLC, our practice is focused on Auto Dealer Fraud.

We sue car dealers and banks that hold the contracts. Most clients contact us to complain of minor issues and we uncover fraud that the typical consumer is unaware. The fraud includes charges for items not provided; failing to get the advertised price; packing payments; failing to disclose vehicle condition; forgery; backdating contracts; and, failing to comply with consumer protection laws.

We also defend consumers post repossession against the banks that purchased the sales contract.

We are committed to uncovering deceptive and unsavory practices of car dealers.  Since these practices can leave an average consumer bewildered, we will show you how you were defrauded and fight to get you compensated.

All cases taken on contingency basis. All legal fees are paid by your car dealer or bank when we win, with absolutely no out of pocket cost to you.

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