Ever wonder why the deck is stacked in favor of the car dealer? Payola!

October 2017 Fourteen teams of National Independent Automobile Dealers Association’s (NIADA) dealers and industry partners took to Capitol Hill and met with more than 110 members of the Senate and House of Representatives.


NIADA wants:

TO GUT the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau;

REPEAL the CFPB’s arbitration rule (a measure that has already passed the House and is awaiting a vote in the Senate); and,

FIGHT THE BAN on sales of unsafe recalled vehicles.

CFPB has been the representative of YOU the CONSUMER and Banks and Car Dealers are angry that such a watchdog agency exists. They are targeting the CFPB to have Congress stop funding this important agency.

ARBITRATION  – CFPB has written a rule banning arbitration provisions in car sales contracts to address the problem of YOU being forced to give up your right to have your day in court – and have disputes resolved by arbitration companies. These arbitration companies are bought and paid for by the Car Dealers and Banks. Arbitration is bad for consumers.

UNSAFE VEHICLES  – Consumer groups are demanding safety recalls be completed before you buy a used vehicle. NIADA wants to continue selling unsafe vehicles to consumers with NO DISCLOSURE.

While you are busy with your everyday life, these Banks and Car Dealers are donating money to your legislators to pass laws that hurt you. Let your Representative know you support the CFPB and are against any effort to get rid of the little protection we consumers have.

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