More Dirty Dealer Tricks – Not Getting the Advertised Price

I am posting this because this issue has come up several times in the last week.

The scam works like this: You go into a dealership and pick out a car you are interested in. The salesperson soon realizes you do not know the car is an advertised special. So, as soon as she realizes it, she goes onto the computer and changes the price to match she is quoting you.

The law states you are entitled to the sales price even if you are unaware of the advertised price. To protect yourself, ask the dealer if the car is being advertised and at what price. Then Google® the VIN and check for yourself and/or go to the dealer’s website and look up the car.

Also, a good place to check is Craigslist® as Craigslist® ads seem to disappear almost immediately.

Remember- the dealer cannot charge you more than the advertised price because she says “You do not qualify” because of your credit. They do this to add bank fees, etc.


Good luck.

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