The dealer called me and says I must return the car. What is going on?

In California, you signed a contract that says the dealer has up to 10 days to sell the contract to a finance company. In fact, you signed a clause giving him this right. If the dealer cannot sell your contract to a finance company AND gives you notice within 10 days, he has the right to cancel the contract. Note: he loses this right on day 11.

If he requires you to return the car, he MAY NOT demand you sign a new contract. You have the absolute right to have your down payment (including trade-in) refunded when you drop off his car.

What will your services cost me?

Nothing! We take all of our cases on a contingency basis – meaning we do not charge you directly. The dealer or the bank pays our fees. If we collect nothing, you owe us nothing.

The legal response is: at the end of the case – either through settlement or judgment, your damages include your attorney’s fees and costs. So, these funds are owed to you. You then pay us from these funds. For example, you are entitled to return the $10,000.00 car and receive $10,000.00. We negotiate a settlement for $15,000.00 which includes the $5,000.00 for attorney’s fees.

In most cases, we do not take a percentage of recovery so you get all the damages you are entitled to, and an additional recovery of your attorney’s fees.

I do not live in California – can you still help me?

Probably not, but go to http://www.consumeradvocates.org/ and search “find an attorney” then your state then go to automobile. This website is a list of consumer attorneys nationwide who have experience in consumer issues and some specialize in auto dealer fraud.